SquirrelWarz: World of Squirrelcraft
by Doc Pop and Whitney Hills
art by Drew Tetz and Doc Pop
SquirrelWarz © 2014 IGORLABS LLC

World of Squirrelcraft is a table top game for two or more players. You’ll need a flat surface to play on, six nuts, and one squirrel per player. To print the nut and squirrel pieces, click on the images below to get a full sized version, ready for printing.

Each player starts by placing their squirrel somewhere along the edge of the table. Squirrels must always start with at least part of their tail hanging off the edge of the table. Players can be next to each other, on opposite sides of the table, or wherever they would like.

Crumple up the nuts into little balls, drop them onto the center of the tabletop, and mix them all up. Try and make sure the nuts are equidistant from everyone’s starting positions.

After the nuts are in place, players start blowing their squirrel toward the nuts in the center of the table. (Pro tip: Try blowing through plastic drinking straws for more power and finesse.) When your squirrel has touched a nut, that nut becomes yours. You must take that nut, pick up your squirrel, and place it back on the edge of the table before you can attempt to capture another nut.

Squirrels must stay upright while moving. If a squirrel falls over, it must be picked up and placed back along the edge of the table to start over again. If a squirrel falls over while touching a nut, that nut is not captured and the squirrel has to start over again.

After all the nuts have been collected, everyone discovers their score by opening up their nuts to see how many points are inside. Each nut contains colored squares. You score a point for each square you have that matches your squirrel’s fur color.

The player with the most points wins the game. If the highest scores are tied, then everyone passes their nuts to the player on their right and the points are totaled again.

Players are encouraged to make their own tweaks to the papercraft squirrels and battle them against their friends’ modified pieces, too.