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A Real Time Strategy Game...

With Squirrels!

  • Easy to pick up, casual gameplay
  • Tower defense meets real time strategy
  • Hand drawn art and quirky music
  • Use nearby resources to build your furry army
  • 14 unique watercolored maps to chose from
  • 2 different breeds to play

Yes. Squirrels. Finally right? SquirrelWarz is a quick to play real time strategy game from the geniuses who brought you Bob's Journey (for the Sidekick) and The Mighty Boosh's Mighty Decider (for iOS).


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The Soundtrack

Coming Soon: Download Doctor Popular's original SquirrelWarz soundtrack for Free on Bandcamp

Gallery of achievements available in SquirrelWarz.


Can't wait for SquirrelWarz for your device? Make your own Papercraft Squirrels and play IRL.